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Het onderhavige wetsvoorstel strekt ertoe om de begrotingsstaat van het Ministerie van Economische Zaken voor het jaar vast te stellen. Alle voor dit jaar vastgestelde begrotingswetten tezamen vormen de Rijksbegroting voor het jaar Een toelichting bij de Rijksbegroting als geheel is opgenomen in de Miljoenennota Met de vaststelling van dit wetsartikel worden de uitgaven, verplichtingen en de ontvangsten voor het jaar vastgesteld. De in de begroting opgenomen begrotingsartikelen worden in onderdeel B van deze memorie van toelichting toegelicht de zogenaamde begrotingstoelichting. Wetsartikel 2 agentschappen Met de vaststelling van dit wetsartikel worden de baten en lasten en kapitaaluitgaven en ontvangsten van de agentschappen SenterNovem, EVD, Octrooicentrum Nederland en Telecom voor het jaar vastgesteld. De in die begrotingen opgenomen begrotingsartikelen worden toegelicht in onderdeel B van deze memorie van toelichting.

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The Italian musician was born in Turin where his classical career began, before he moved on to create music for film with influences of pop, rock, and folk music. Einaudi began his career performing classical music in the s after training at the Conservatorio Verdi, when he began composing orchestral and classical pieces, before progressing to more main stream music heard in popular culture in the mid 80s. As well as piano, Einaudi also plays and composes for guitar, in which he in incredibly skilled and proficient.

Although Einaudi is influenced by classical artists, his style is unique with the fusion of classical and popular music bridging the gap between the two genres, making his music extremely accessible to many types of listeners.

HSD is a Dutch network of businesses, governments and knowledge institutions, that work together on knowledge development and innovation in security. We have st.

Weer een nieuwe bouillon: April 12th, Vorig jaar heb ik aan Wouter Klootwijk nog de vraag gesteld: Dit product is langzaam getrokken van Langoustines Noors Zeekreeftje, Nephrops norvegicus Opgevist uit de Noordzee, en via Zeeverse vismarkt Wieringen geleverd zodat wij er een prachtige zachtsmakende bouillon van kunnen trekken. De langoustine wordt gewaardeerd om zijn fijne zacht zoete schelpdierensmaak. Door de ambachtelijke bereiding ontstaan avontuurlijke smaakvariaties.

Gegarneerd met twee langoustinestaartjes, pas op wel nog zelf pellen!. Het zijn precies twee kommetjes bouillon, maar met wat een heerlijk aroma. De ervaringen van Michel Jansen:

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Voor kortere of langere tijd. Hoog opgeleide Fransen in de technologische industrie. Hoe ervaren zij het werken in Nederland en met de Nederlanders? Wat zijn de verschillen met werken en wonen in hun vaderland?

Towards runtime discovery, selection and composition of semantic services. through automatic discovery, selection and composition of services based on the user service request. while the S3-Contest mainly focuses on the problem of service discovery and matchmaking. The S3-Contest is the approach that provides the largest set of services.

Some people chosen as volunteer leaders for the Olympic equestrian event on Saturday joined in a ceremony which kicked off the Hong Kong equestrian volunteer program. The leaders, who are fluent in Cantonese, mandarin Chinese and English, will take part in a two-day course to learn basic knowledge on the event. The volunteers will be deployed to a myriad of responsibility areas ranging from competition venues to translation to media support, said the organizers.

At the ceremony, the equestrian company’s chief executive officer Lam Woon-Kwong reminded the volunteer leaders that they should be aware that they are serving on the very front-line as goodwill ambassadors and that they are making part of the Olympic history. Each volunteer was given a “smile wristlet”, a token of their unity with other Chinese host cities. Following the ceremony, volunteers will receive some 80 hours of training, including residential training, which will be held in Pl Leung Kuk holiday camp in Sai Kung for two consecutive weekends in March.

The leadership training programs are tailored for volunteers in Hong Kong by expert trainers. Riordan, who also trained volunteers at the Athens and Sydney Olympic Games, said the training program is not simple despite it comes with just one Olympic event. We need to have volunteers trained to greet guests from the airport, Olympic village and the transport hubs.

It like putting on a mini-Olympics, ” he said. The crime drama “The Departed, ” Hollywood’s adaption of a Hong Kong thriller, fought off the upstart “Little Miss Sunshine” on Sunday night to win the Oscar for best picture of the year, while its director Martin Scorsese ended a long losing streak and finally won an Academy Award. About 4, kilograms of freshwater fish were seized from a mainland fishing boat Sunday morning as Hong Kong customs and food safety authorities stepped up the crackdown on the illicit trade of such unmanifested supplies.

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During evenings it is also a place full of happenings. Daring speakers stand up to share their dilemma with the public. Writers read and discuss their recently published books. Films are screened and discussed. There is a lot of debate around all kinds of topics, such as design, architecture, art, food, science and politics.

Matchmaking Applications and Partitioning Strategies for Efficient Execution on Heterogeneous Platforms. April , Singapore, Singapore. [ Bibtex ] Kishor Chandra and Arjan W Doff and Zizheng Cao and R Venkatesha Prasad and Ignas G.M.M. Niemegeers ().

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Goal of the event was to strengthen French-Dutch relations and explore new actions to accelerate Circular Economy in required cross-border efforts. The event focused on buildings and their environment. If you missed the opportunity to participate, read this blog containing an overview of the programme and the insights gained. See contact information below.

dinsdag 30 november, – , sessie voorzitter Wilfried ter Woerds (Oranjewoud) Over de duurzaamheid van saneringen, de afweging saneren / milieurendement / milieu’kosten’ van een sanering en de laatste stand van zaken bij NICOLE en SURF-NL over dit onderwerp.

Middle Ages[ edit ] By , there were already wooden buildings on the site where Kampen is currently located. The name Kampen, however, is not mentioned until The city has had city rights since As a result of its convenient location on the busy trade route between the Zuiderzee and the Rhine , Kampen quickly developed from simple settlements into a prosperous trading town, to become one of the most powerful and leading cities of northwestern Europe.

In the 14th century, Kampen exchanged with the bishop of Utrecht , Jan van Arkel, the Mastenbroek polder against the right to increase the IJsseldelta. The silting up of the IJssel brought a gradual end to the prosperity of Kampen from on. For a long time Kampen did not want to sign a union and make economic and political concessions to other cities, as was usual in the Hanseatic League. When the County of Holland went to war with the Hanseatic League this situation came to an end: Kampen was originally more oriented toward the Baltic trade and commerce with the hinterland of the Rhine, and therefore in formally joined the Hanseatic League.

The city had much influence in the League; despite loud protests from the other towns in lower reaches of the IJssel and from other Hanseatic cities, the League agreed in to build a bridge over the river. With this bridge Kampen hoped to be able to develop closer relationships with the hinterland. After the massacre of Zutphen on 15 November, the city voluntarily surrendered to the Spanish.

In , the city changed ownership again after the Siege of Kampen, led by George van Lalaing. Due to its right to increase the IJsseldelta, Kampen was owner of the growing Kampereiland.


Job description Schuit Institute of Catalysis, Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry We have open PhD positions in heterogeneous catalysis for enthusiastic and motivated students. We seek highly talented and curiosity-driven students with an MSc degree with a strong drive towards innovation and excellence in research. Are you attracted to an exciting job in catalysis research?

The research of our catalysis group Inorganic Materials Chemistry focuses on novel inorganic catalyst materials with applications in sustainable chemical processes for production of fuels and chemicals.

Also discussed is the continuing tragedy involving Prichard Colon, who remains in a coma following a televised fight on October 17, , and whose family has filed a $50 million lawsuit stemming from his treatment during and after that fight.

De ontwikkeling van de nog steeds jonge Belgische saxofonist Robin Verheyen Turnhout, kent een stormachtig verloop. Sinds hij zijn domicilie naar New York heeft verlegd, lijkt zijn spel er alleen maar beter op geworden. Zijn studie en de vele gigs in the Big Apple leggen hem bepaald geen windeieren. In vergelijking met die plaat is de Franse bassist Remi Vignolo vervangen door het Belgische supertalent Nic Thys, die een mooie diepe en ronde toon uit zijn contrabas weet te halen.

Daarmee is de internationale inbreng van het kwartet teruggebracht tot pianist Bill Carrothers. Wie zijn fluwelen en vaak tot melancholie stemmende toucher ooit heeft gehoord, weet dat die evenwel in goede handen is bij deze Amerikaan. Die aandacht mag voorbehouden blijven aan de voortreffelijke composities op dit album, op twee na alle afkomstig uit de koker van Robin Verheyen.

Van de happy uptempo opener ‘On The House’ en het bezwerende ‘Lamenting’ via het spannende miniatuur ‘Waves’ en het klassiek-achtige kleinood ‘Tree Line’ naar de intieme afsluiter ‘I Wish I Knew’ de enige standard op deze cd. In liefst negen van de elf nummers verkiest Verheyen de sopraansax boven de tenorsaxofoon.

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This is the story about how Diana Jaye Summers really lost her virginity. He’d been her dad’s best friend for years. Uncle Joe Charles Dera , as he called himself, had watched her grow up — and she was his princess, the niece he never had. But once Diana turned 18, something changed about Joe. His fondness for her turned into an obsession. So he came up with a plan to get her alone

“Additive Hedonic Regression Models with Spatial Scaling Factors: An Application for Rents in Vienna,” Working Papers , Faculty of Economics and Statistics, .

She always works with Shu and, although she is intelligent, the two of them always manage to fail their objectives. She is a beautiful, calculating enemy who always resorts to weaponry and technology; her serious tone is a foil to Shu’s comic personality. Contents Appearance Mai’s child form in Dragon Ball Super Mai is a fairly tall woman with blue eyes and long black hair with bangs. She is often seen wearing red eye shadow and lipstick.

Mai usually wears a teal trench coat with a red star insignia on each shoulder, a brown belt with a pistol holster attached to it from the right hip, beige slacks, and brown combat boots. In this form, she wears a green gymnasterka Russian army tunic and black wellington boots. She still has the belt and holster from her adult uniform, however, she does not wear pants.

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