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Dinosaur Jokes for Kids Kids of all ages will love this collection of dinosaur jokes — yes, that includes you Dad. These jokes about dinosaurs are great for parents, teachers and kids. They are clean and family-friendly. Grimlock, from the popular Transformers animated series, is an Autobot that transforms into a powerful Tyrannosaurus Rex. The US state of Wyoming lists the Triceratops as its state dinosaur and the state of Colorado lists the Stegosaurus as its state dinosaur. What makes more noise than a dinosaur? What does a triceratops sit on? Why did the Ankylosaurus catch the worm? Because it was an early bird.

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What does a triceratops sit on? What do you call a sleeping dinosaur? What makes more noise than a dinosaur? What do you call a dinosaur with no eyes?

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The Coelophysis scientific name C. Bauri ; a short, slender, flesh-eating dinosaur was a bipedal i. Evidence suggests that these dinosaurs lived during the Late Triassic period in the continent of Northern America. It is one of the earliest dinosaurs according to data obtained from fossil dating. The Coelophysis is also called Longosaurus or Rioarribasaurus. Fossils have been found worldwide in Late Triassic and Early Jurassic formations. Discovery of the Coelophysis fossils Edward Drinker Pope, an American paleontologist and anatomist was the first to isolate the Coelophysis dinosaur from the Coelurus genus in David Baldwin had found the first remains of the fossil in the Chinle formation of New Mexico.

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This is a collection of K dinosaur jokes studded with paleontology factoids, links, pictures and stamps.

Similar in looks to a modern day rhinoceros Triceratops had a large sturdy body and was covered in a thick bumpy hide with a short pointed tail. Triceratops measured approximately 26 — 29 feet in length and stood at a height of 9. Triceratops had a large distinctive head which was adorned with a horn on its snout just above the nostrils and a pair of long double-re-curved horns on its head, one above each eye. These horns could have measured about 3 feet long.

Triceratops had a long but relatively short in height bony plate growing out from the back of its skull, this neck frill was made from bone and spanned almost 7 feet. Physical Attributes of Triceratops A dinosaur of intermediate intelligence, Triceratops had a distinctively large skull measuring up to 8 feet in length meaning it comprised almost a third of the length of the animal. Triceratops had between sharp teeth in its cheeks and had particularly powerful jaws, though only a fraction of these teeth were in use at any one time.

Its teeth were arranged in groups called batteries with teeth columns on each side of the jaw with stacked teeth per column. The stacked teeth in these columns were constantly moving up to replace the older teeth above.

Rareresource: Tyrannosaur dinosaurs called Australia home

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The workers were said to see a cluster of ‘oval-shaped stones’ in earth when they were breaking the ground with explosives. A number of black debris measuring 2mm thick were seen lodged between the oval rocks. The dinosaur eggs were found on December 25 under a construction site in Ganzhou, China Workers found the perfectly preserved eggs as they were breaking the earth with explosives The eggs were discovered in China’s ‘hometown of dinosaurs’ in Jiangxi Province The workers suspected they were dinosaur eggs, so they immediately held the construction and informed the police.

The police sealed the site and alerted the staff at the county museum. The black debris were the fossilised egg shells. The fossolised eggs are being kept at the museum for further studies.

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