How Matchmaking Works in World of Tanks

In World of Tanks, platoons allow players to team up and enter battles together in small groups of two or three. We’ll explain how the new matchmaking system works for those who are new to these recent changes. How Matchmaking Works World of Tanks matchmaking now follows a template-based algorithm. Ideally, the matchmaking system will create teams with only three tanks at top tier, five at mid-tier, and seven at the bottom. This system also tries to take into account the speed of matchmaking to avoid long wait times. A two-tiered battle will still have a majority of bottom-tier players. The matchmaking algorithm comes with several variations, but will always keep the bottom tiered players as the majority. Tank Destroyers, Artillery, and Light tanks will be placed evenly on each team, with no more than one additional of those tank types on either side.

IS Take command of the iconic Soviet heavy tank and benefit from its incredible power.

Game Theory 9 Donations Currently the website gets over 25, visits per day, and a server to keep up with such a demand does not come cheap! If you find the website worth it, please consider donating! You can become a Patron and set up a monthly donation at: Now there are rumors of a buff to the tank in the future as it has fallen woefully out of favor. Low damage per minute, non-preferential matchmaking, and low penetration for a heavy render it offensively inept.

If they gave it preferential, it immediately jumps divisions.

Nearly invisible, extremely mobile, great accuracy, preferential matchmaking. Completely bananas. There is no reason this thing should get preferential matchmaking considering how its pen isn’t much worse than the ATA and SU while also being very accurate with good defense in .

What Are Premium Tanks? The IS-6 is one of the most popular Tier 8 Premium tanks. Starting with the basics, Premium tanks are a tank in World of Tanks that must be purchased using real money. You can either purchase a Premium tank through the online store using your credit card or through the game using Gold, which is one of the best uses for Gold in the game.

However, the more you pay for a Premium tank, the more you get. A lot of the time, Premium tanks come with bonus Gold and Silver, along with equipment and boosts. Are Premium Tanks Pay-to-Win? For people who may be unfamiliar with the game, there can be a stigma around Premium tanks, with some people questioning whether Premium tanks are a form of pay-to-win. Rest assured that just because someone is playing a Premium tank, that does not guarantee them an easy victory or even a victory at all!

Typically, a Premium tank is only as good as a stock-level tank of a similar tier. While other tanks can improve their stock modules by researching and purchasing new modules , a Premium tank is stuck with whatever parts it has. By having no way to improve, a Premium tank will find itself at a slight disadvantage when fighting upgraded tanks.

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Expensive ammunition, especially when using APCR rounds. Low viewrange and low gun accuracy will make fighting from long distance difficult. In many ways, the IS-6 is essentially an IS that has been moved up to Tier 8, but still meets the same opponents. The mm D is for all intents and purposes the same as the IS’s top gun, the mm D T and in fact, the D was historically a modified version of the D T.

It has the exact same penetration mm , the exact same accuracy 0.

Dec 11,  · Added the functionality of displaying a preferential group of vehicles in the team list (upon a click on it). Upon pressing TAB, the cursor will be automatically displayed: it will be more convenient to view the full vehicle list by scrolling.

Tier 5 and under premiums: This is the only reason to grind the Bat on-track. If you didn’t buy this when it was removed from the store, you made a very bad decision. If you weren’t playing then, well at least you were never tricked into grinding French artillery. Just gonna rub this in since I don’t have a Type T14 and Excelsior have lower pen. The Excelsior has thick and flat front armor and no side armor.

The Excelsior has better gold pen. T – Good tank. Tier 3 scouts, both quite good. The T is probably a better buy between them due to there being many more US light premiums for crew training, as well as the Locust having m view range compared to the T ‘s m. Plus the T has better armor. It’s basically a T49, that trade its camo, profile, and turning speed for a lot of HP.

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Balaise, on 27 September – That’s the kind of answers I’m looking for. To make a parallel with WOT. Never been discounted that much and never will be again.

In May we shared our plans for preferential matchmaking, which were later detailed in walked through how we aim to improve the vehicles themselves and current issues with the matchmaker. It’s a very important topic, and we’re pleased to share the latest information on improvements to preferential matchmaking vehicles.

Quick matchmaking the division – Quick Matchmaking The Division Wasn’t there four types? I seem to recall hip-fire stability being an option as division, though I might have made that up, or it was maybe hip-fire matchmaking. It’s not like it used to the a buff. But then again, quivk game has come a long way so it might have been. I’ve gone through matchmaking probably hundreds if not divisions of times and in my experience even if there’s a technical difference behind the scenes there is no practical difference.

I have asked myself the quick question though. I the matchmaking matchmake was for the mission you open and regular matchmake could be for anything, not quick quick mission your opening. I thought quick matchmake the put you into any group with any people, no matter if there is only two of you, and matchamake will make a 4 people group, but who knows.

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The Preferential matchmaking tanks What is a preferential matchmaking tank? For instance, the Tier 8 Russian heavy, the IS-6, has an atrocious canon, but that is the trade to get pref. The new matchmaking system A while ago a new matchmaking system was introduced. It aimed to solve a bunch of problems, such as matchups with, for instance, 10 tier 9 and 5 tier 8.

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Very good DPM and alpha enables aggressive and fun gameplay Highly angled all around armor with good effectiveness, especially if angled properly Decent mobility for the armor that it carries No obvious frontal weakspots – the driver’s hatch is actually thicker than the upper plate Preferential matchmaking tier 9 max, no tier 10 battles Cons: In many ways, the IS-6 is essentially an IS that has been moved up to Tier 8, but still meets the same opponents.

The mm D is for all intents and purposes the same as the IS’s top gun, the mm D T and in fact, the D was historically a modified version of the D T. It has the exact same penetration mm , the exact same accuracy 0. Using the gun at ranges above m requires a lot of patience in allowing the gun to fully aim in, and even then the gun can and will miss. It works best at medium to close ranges. The limited ammunition capacity of only 30 rounds coupled with the high rate-of-fire means that running out of ammunition is a very real possibility, and shots should be taken with care.

The IS-6 is relatively well-protected when compared to other tier 8 premiums. Unlike the KV-5, which depends on raw armour thickness and a high number of HP to in order to absorb hits, the IS-6 relies on its very well-sloped armour to bounce incoming enemy fire. Additionally, the IS-6 lacks the distinct weak spots that the KV-5 has. While not nearly as impenetrable as the T34 or IS-3’s frontal turret, the IS-6 is still reasonably well-protected.

Angling and sidescraping will really boost the IS-6’s survivability, especially since the side armour is just as thick as the front and is either sloped or covered with some form of spaced armor.

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Does a Lowe-IS6 platoon get preferential matchmaking? I was under the impression that both tanks do not see Tier X battles. Both myself and my platoon buddy Papabear_ ended up in a Tier X battle at Mines yesterday. Matchmaking. The composition of tanks in each team is a task of matchmaker. It works in following manner.

Justasnowman replied to mitel ‘s topic in Ghiduri si tutoriale Pe artilerie merita pus binoclu pentru situatiile in care ai nevoie sa iti spotezi singur tinta, cand ramai singur intr-o zona fara aparare. Eu am facut lista respectiva in functie de avantajele si dezavantajele tancurilor de exemplu: FV B – view range excelent M , rate of fire de mediu, am impresia ca are al 3-lea dpm din joc dupa obj si stb-1, automat merita sa joci optics pentru a imbunatatii si mai mult view range-ul deja exceptional.

Iarasi, nu esti tanc de linia 1. Medii, exceptand care e o mare mizerie – mobilitate excelenta, camo rating excelent, tun foarte precis, aim time mic, view range mare. Pentru TD-uri nu ma pronunt pentru ca nu imi place sa joc si cel mai mare tier de td la care am ajuns vreodata este tier 7. Mi se par prea imobile, prea dependente de echipa si mi se pare ca nu pot sa decida jocul de unele singure.

Concluzia este ca vorbesc in cunostiinta de cauza si nu din ce-am auzit eu. Fiecare tanc are stilul specific de jucat si variatiile la stil sunt foarte mici. Nu inseamna ca daca ti-a mers bine un meci intr-o anumita combinatie, ca aia e cea mai buna varianta si obligatoriu trebuie sa o folosesti. Studiile astea le faci pe sute, mii de meciuri si intotdeauna iesi in avantaj asa.

Premium matchmaking. Premium matchmaking.

Ik heb het idee dat veel van bovenstaande comments komen die het spel in het verleden hebben gespeeld maar niet echt actief meer spelen. Zelf speel ik WOT al sinds De laatste tijd is War Gaming de uitgever van de spel meer bezig geweest met het verbeteren van de Match Making. Voorheen kon je samen spelen in een peloton van 2 of 3 tanks van verschillende tiers tier 1 is het laagst , tier 10 is het hoogst Je kon dus samen met een tier 1 en een tier 10 in een peloton.

Dat hebben ze afgeschaft, je kunt nu alleen met een gelijke tier in een peloton.

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What did you say on Brett St Pierre 27 days ago Same for me Dez. No Chinese tech tree in those days. And before the nerf and before the power creep it was so much fun to play. Also in my clan I was often given arty duties in my Obj , same as you. Pro tip, Dez, always keep a backup keyboard! I really do Lol! TheCarbonLeague 27 days ago ArterialCanine 27 days ago The game can be frustrating but you did put the mocka on yourself in the previous games with victories and saying you would lose your 1, !

Probably better not stat check next time and put pressure on yourself. Congrats on the milestone all the same though m8. Gaming 27 days ago NO the best intro music is Live oaks! Much love Dez joku random 27 days ago Arty second most played vehicle, unsubed. Haha just kidding but thats still wrong Janne Jaakkola 27 days ago That clip, you were far from a potato 6 years ago.

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Gnomon, on Oct 04 – Hope that you’re having a great week so far! I have some news that I know you all have been looking out for. In May we shared our plans for preferential matchmaking, which were later detailed in July.

Elite Matchmaking is a matchmaking service that has been in business for 22 years. The company operates in Beverly Hills, Houston, San Diego, San Francisco, Boston, Orange County, Fort Lauderdale.

Portal In May we have shared our plans for preferential matchmaking and later detailed an update in July, detailing our plans on how we aim to improve the vehicles themselves and the current issues we have with the matchmaker itself. Tanks with preferential status are likely to get matched into dual or single-tier battles, where their status combined with combat parameters does more harm than good. Improve the experience for preferential tanks while keeping the preferential matchmaking parameter and their unique characteristics intact.

All-around vehicle rebalances on a tank-by-tank basis to improve their statistics combined with matchmaker rule revision. As a side note, regular Tier VIII vehicles face a similar issue with matchmaking, amplified by the fact that they also compete against Tier X tanks. The underlying problem for these vehicles is too many battles versus Tier X. The matchmaker rules revision is designed to better the experience for them, too. All of this was done on the Supertest and that we believe we have gotten the desired result.

Now, these special Premium vehicles are much closer to non-preferential matchmaking ones, in terms of combat effectiveness. The Iterations The following changes were on available on the Supertest. Level the preferential matchmaking tanks with each other Second iteration:

T8 Matchmaking is Broken in World of Tanks