Panzers at War (Hitlers War Machine) by Bob Carruthers

Jagdpanzer IV, best TD ever? I did had to spend 42k free xp to train 6th sense for the commander, I had no active grinds anyways. PROs – Extremely low sillhouette. IRL the Jp4 is1. Though it is no M18 the Jp4 is fast enough to provide some backup for the medium tanks. Sometimes I play like a scout if the map allows for it, other times I push just behind my team, sometimes I push in front of my team when they seem to lose the W-key again. I do not do basecamping stuffs, perhaps when I am bottem tier on abbey or something, but ususally I do not do such things. Instead of waiting for tanks to appear in front of me I go play the game. I charge kv85 tanks, I charge mediums, charging is what I do whenever I can.

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Mon Feb 20, 3: T So I’m a bit bored and thinking it might be time to work on the tree I’ve been neglecting: Tier 7 is generally my goal because I’ve found I have a good time there and don’t have to worry about losing credits. Tier 5 is fun but scrappy, tier 6 heavies get stuck with some ugly MM, and tier 8, while fun, generally loses money and I’m pretty happy with my fully-upgraded M26 and T32, not to mention the premiums and I’m also ready for the Tiger II next time it goes on sale.

Who of you have played both or either, really , and how do they compare? I understand the KV is kind of a heavy medium with good armour but don’t know much about the T

Ani jeden hráč tankov nie je realnym tankistom, len uslintaná vypatlaná banda čo nadáva na poliakov, matchmaking, neschopnych spoluhračov, blbe mapy a premnoženost artyn. Mozno vyvstanie otázka prečo som použil výraz “uslintana vypatlaná banda”, LEBO aj napriek tomu to hráte kolom dokola a na forach filozofujete o nezmysloch.

Fguri’s World of Tanks Blog Random ramblings, opinions and guides about maps, tanks, and the game in general. This is the second part of what can basically be described as my opinions on the Tank Destroyer trees, part 1 can be found here: The Stugs are also quite nice to play, they have amazing camo values and can turn on a dime, making them really agile. So some people like this tank, for reasons best known to themselves and themselves alone.

Well ok, it has a great camo value, one of the best, actually. It also is very low profile, making it great for sneaky stuff. However, the point of a TD is to kill stuff, and that is where the Jpz 4 starts to fail. It has a choice of 2 guns: This is where the line starts getting interesting. The Jagdpanther is really good. Sure it suffers from the same problem of every german tank: It gets a choice of either an 88mm similar to that of the Tiger 1 pen damage , or a The latter is the one you should choose…its penetration is very good, and it has a sweet rate of fire along with good accuracy and aim time.

This tank is able to pose a threat to all tanks it can meet, and additionally, its good mobility allows it to relocate and bring its gun to bear wherever it is needed.

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This KV-1 introduces a new armament, the ZiS-5, that has a much stronger punch than the L from its predecessor while retaining the same armour. The main purpose, usage and tactics recommendations General play style The KV-1 ZiS-5 plays like a standard heavy tank, with heavy armour able to soak up shells while angled and a decent 76 mm gun to fire back. While mobility is not the greatest, it is sufficient to get up to the front lines in time for the battle.

Oct 18,  · However any kv1s(who has half a brain) driver would not be sitting there right out in the open and even then the cromwell might bounce a shot or two of the kv1s while the kv1s can more or less autoaim at the cromwell. It isnt easy to circle a kv1s either, it is a pretty fast moving heavy.

I think if I had the DW2 in proper matches of tier 4’s, I wouldn’t be in such a bad position As you said, I best just take it until I get 10k more xp and go to the VK Normal vehicles in WoT’s will only ever see vehicles two tiers higher then them. Vehicles with scout match making will see vehicles three tiers higher then them except for the chaffee which can get into tier 10 games. Premium vehicles will only see vehicles one tier higher then them.

This is all asumming that your running solo and not platooned with a vehicle of a higher tier or one that gets scout match making. To be slightly more specific if anyone cares, not all scout match making is the same, it’s actually weighted. Scout match making actually veries from vehicle to vehicle but it’s really only the percentage of time that a vehicle will see certain tiers.

The DW2 is right up there with the worst tanks in the game None of the tier 4 tanks are perticularly good, but the DW2 is a special kind of bad. It’s almost as bad as the M3 Lee.

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No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher. At the centre of the great parade were the tanks of the new German Panzer Divisions. The event was staged to intimidate the world.

Jan 22,  · The E imho is a very nice tank, especially with the mm gun on it (you will need the tracks and turret for that) and with the top engine is fairly mobile for such a large tank (until it gets.

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In a platoon of 3 of them it’s a lot of fun though. I think that I’m going to play the Crusader line. Biggest problem I have is with so many at T7, it costs a fortune to buy T8 tanks, so can only do one every so often.

【送料無料】模型車 ソプラスチックモデルキットトランペッターsoviet kv1s heavy tank plastic model kit trumpeter 【特価!】【送料無料】【新撰組局長】 近藤勇拵 虎徹 長曾祢虎徹写し 小刀 NEUS 【模造刀 美術刀 模擬刀 日本刀 幕末.

Asa ca mergeam mereu pe tunuri cu penetrare ca macar sa le rup cate un modul. Cum joc si eu la tier am un tier 3, vreo tier 5 si un singur 5 si tot nimeresc cu goliati tot ce pot sa fac e sa le dau la tibie senile. Pentru asta nu se ia experienta mai deloc, dar ma ajuta sa castigam unele meciuri in care ii tin pe loc pana le pica un obuz de artilerie prin trapa superioara pana pe scaunul soferului sau pana ii dau coechipierii cu linia la palma.

Practic am vasta majoritate a jocurilor numa’ Tier 8 si cu mine in frunte. Mi-e si jena de “echipa” de acu’ ca pina mai adineoarea am jucat mai in dorul lelii ca sa-mi fac XP-urile de upgrade-uri. Singurul lucru naspa e intretinerea lui dar nu ma mira ca am mai patit-o si cu KT in beta. Par example in atasament e un meci cel putin decent, am tras 15 obuze din care 4 pe linga , am avut 2 kill-uri muncite, am murit, am invins si practic n-am cistigat niciun credit.

Si meciul asta e OK dar mi s-a intimplat ca intr-un meci cu victorie, 3 kill-uri din 4 lovituri si viu la final, sa vin cu 1k credite de acasa. Daca e defeat, mort si doar cu un obuz-doua trase va cam imaginati balanta

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Russian Heavies are the go to line for noobs Always reccomended them, with the Kv1 you learn armour angling, good gun but not TOO good so weak spots, okay speed, okay everything, except view range. Revive after match, can be revived in match using first aid kits 3. You need to learn these the hard way, like concealment ranges in WoWS, lower armour panel on the front of tanks is usually a good one.

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World of Tanks, game 3; Special guest Twilight Sparkle Another day at school done, Leon got on his computer, entered his World of Tanks password, and was on his account on the double quick. He, Luna, and Eddy were supposed to play a lot of games today, aiming for as high an amount of credits and experience as they could get. He waited and waited, but for a while, neither of the other two players came on the game.

After thirty minutes, he got sick of waiting. Come on, where are you guys? Suddenly, he heard a beeping sound as someone connected to the system She needed a break from her studies, and I convinced her to install World of Tanks and Minecraft. By the way, do you know who built a wall of bedrock around me the other day while I was Must have been an admin. Now, I’ve completed the tutorial and used some gold to buy some higher tanks than I would have had, but I’m not too familiar with them.

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Thanks your run down Guerdon. The two main points overall I’d suggest you could work on are: You probably could have got a shot on the M3 Lee in the middle but it would not have been easy. The main issue with this was that you drove away as your Matilda BP pushed down the beach, probably expecting your cover fire. Moreover, you didn’t go back when he first lit the Crusader at

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One thing about the so called misinterpretations that Suvorov does. I read what others said about Meretkov and “the Rubicon” thing. Was it Meretkov, or was it Vasilevskij? Vasilevskij in the original: But his fault lay in that he did not see, not realize the line beyond which such a policy was not only unnecessary but even harmful. It would have been necessary to bravely cross that line, to put the armed forces into a state of combat readiness as soon as possible, to carry out mobilization, to convert the country into an armed camp

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